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Fine Art

In association with our resident artist ” Jacqui Cooke”, we have access to a range of incredible oil paintings. These paintings can be the source for Giclée prints, digital assets, or rented/leased. Interested in bringing life and vibrancy to a special event or place.

Oil Paintings


Lease / Rental


Mary Seacole
Mother Earth
Lauryn Hill
Lillian Bader
LoTus Sees
Walter Tull
In my Feelings - JM Basquiat
Angela Davis
Malcolm X (PAINT)

The desire to create paintings that uplift our African descendancy is the primary inspiration driving our original oil & canvas based paintings.

We have a range of limited and open edition prints, ranging in size illustrations are made using software such as Adobe In Design, illustration, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, etc.

Do you want to make a big impact in your conference room or for an important event? Why not lease or rent our original oil paintings to bring that zing? You’ll never get bored of the paintings, you can always have new, unique works of art at your home, workplace or special event.

A commissioned painting is a very special personalised painting for you, it is created in collaboration with yourself and the artist to capture and portray a painting that resonants .